Topps American Heritage Heroes - Pages 21, 22, & 23

This afternoon, I present the final three "regular" pages in my 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition binder.  Tonight, I will have the final post that is part of the ongoing theme week - and it will have some of the coolest cards in my entire collection!  Don't miss it.

For now though, let's take a look at the rest of the Heroes of Spaceflight cards that I own (and there are quite a few I'd still love to acquire should you have any lying around):

Page 21:

Page 22:

Page 23:

The final page is particularly sparse but it should be noted that the bottom two spots are to be empty (the Apollo 17 card is the final card in the set).

In terms of the actual cards, I think the Gemini 4, Apollo I, and Apollo 10 cards are my favorites.  I had the opportunity to see the building that is in the background of the Apollo 10 card in May 2010 when I witnessed a launch of the space shuttle Atlantis!

Here are just a few of my many photos from that trip:

Inside Kennedy Space Center

The day before the launch!

Mission details

Waiting for the launch across the river (about as close as you can get without special permits)

The actual launch of the shuttle!

I think the space shuttle launch will go down as one of the most exciting things I'll ever witness in my life.  There's no way for to explain how cool it was - and the wave of sound was so intense that it truly hit your like a wave (you could see it coming across the river which was awesome).  I think it's this experience that has made me love the Heroes of Spaceflight cards as much as I do.