Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Group Break #2: Topps Tribute Pack #3

You have all been patient as I've been slowly revealing the contents of the 2013 Topps Tribute group break. At this point, we have six of the 15 slots receiving at least one card.  Let's see if we can't up that total a bit with the third (out of six packs) in the box.

Pack 3:
7.  CC Sabathia - Yankees

I'm not a huge fan of Sabathia but I'm guessing Dutch Card Guy is happy with this pull.  He'll be even happier if he scrolls down...just sayin'.

67.  Frank Robinson - Reds

Woooooooo!  I was scared to participate in my own group break because I hate buying into a break and getting nothing in return.  I know that's the risk of high end breaks - but I don't have the budget for high end stuff so this whole concept is mostly foreign to me.  This is an awesome card though, so I'm happy!

81.  Bob Gibson - Cardinals

Another great card - I have to admit that I love the base cards.  In fact, if I ever see a full set on eBay for cheap enough, I'd be tempted to pick up the set.  (After all, I certainly won't be completing the base by buying packs of Tribute!)

50.  Babe Ruth - Yankees - Green parallel #36/75

The green parallels are seeded 1:12 packs (or one every other box).  We got lucky in that we landed a green parallel - and I would say even luckier that the parallel was of Babe Ruth!  Congrats to Dutch Card Guy again!

TA-JBA.  Jose Bautista - Autograph - Blue Jays #35/35

Carlos Salgado rakes in his third hit of the box - that's three packs, three hits for Carlos.  Sometimes you get lucky in a group break - I think Carlos is going to be quite happy!

As for everyone else?  Well...I can say that Carlos doesn't end up with all six stay tuned to see if your team gets lucky!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Cool sabathia and a very nice babe ruth card !

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