Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Group Break: Final Team Assignments (the Box is Here!)

Back in February, I took sign ups for a group break consisting of a single box of 2013 Topps Tribute.  Flash forward to today and the box has now arrived at my house!

Before I can open the box, I realized that I never did the extra team randomization - so let's do that now so that I can bust the box (hopefully) tomorrow.

Here are the teams that need to be assigned:

Arizona Diamondbacks -
Cleveland Indians -
Colorado Rockies -
Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
Oakland Athletics -
Pittsburgh Pirates -
San Diego Padres -
Tampa Bay Rays -
Toronto Blue Jays -

I'm going to use to randomly assign the above teams to the following people.  Each person's number will correspond to the team of that same number (as I usually do when doing team randomizations).  As always, I'll hit "randomize" three times before doing the team assignments.
  1. Atlanta Braves  - Carlos Salgado
  2. Baltimore Orioles - Zach 
  3. Boston Red Sox  - Sports Card Blog
  4. Chicago White Sox - Jon 
  5. Chicago Cubs - Tom 
  6. Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande 
  7. Los Angeles Angels - Dimwit 
  8. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL 
  9. New York Yankees  -  Dutch Card Guy
  10. Philadelphia Phillies - daddyohoho 
  11. San Francisco Giants - Badder 
  12. Seattle Mariners - tourist504 
  13. St. Louis Cardinals - Slightly Disappointing 
  14. Texas Rangers - Josh 
  15. Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Josh 

Here's the third randomization...

And with that finished, we have our final team assignments:

  1. Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays  - Carlos Salgado
  2. Baltimore Orioles, Arizona Diamondbacks - Zach 
  3. Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies  - Sports Card Blog
  4. Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres - Jon 
  5. Chicago Cubs, New York Mets - Tom 
  6. Cincinnati Reds, Florida Marlins - Nachos Grande 
  7. Los Angeles Angels, Tampa Bay Rays - Dimwit 
  8. Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates - GCRL 
  9. New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers  -  Dutch Card Guy
  10. Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics - daddyohoho 
  11. San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals - Badder 
  12. Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros - tourist504 
  13. St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers - Slightly Disappointing 
  14. Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians - Josh 
  15. Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos, Minnesota Twins - Josh 
If anyone wants to trade, now is the time to do so.  As always, my random team (the Diamondbacks) is available for trade for any team - but only until I rip the box (which should be tomorrow evening).  I plan on posting a pack-by-pack breakdown on my blog as I usually do but I will also do a video of the box break and post that on the blog as well.

Want to trade?  Please make all trade proposals (and accepts/denies) on this blog entry.  Thanks!


P-town Tom said...

Slightly Disappointing...
I'll trade you the Padres for the Brew Crew if you're interested.

The Dimwit said...

Astros for Rays tourist504?

The Junior Junkie said...

The Astros are one of the only teams I pull for!

Community Gum said...

Although I would be happy to keep the Mets, if P-Town Tom is willing to trade the Padres, I'd love a chance for a Gwynn.

P-town Tom said...

Well, it doesn't look as though I'm going to be able to swap the Pads for the Brew Crew. Might as well make someone else happy!

We have a trade! Jon, of Community Gum, will receive the San Diego Padres AND P-Town Tom now has the rights to the Mets.

In other news, if Slightly Disappointing would like to trade the Mets for the Brewers then I'm game for that transaction.

Zach said...

Marlins for Dbacks Nachos?

Community Gum said...

Hooray! Thanks a lot Tom! If you can't make that extra trade, here's hoping the Mets work out well for you.

Chris Reed said...

Zach, the Dbacks are yours.
Jon & Tom: Switch has been made.

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