Saturday, April 27, 2013

Building a Better Card Storage System... A Summer Project?

Yesterday marked the end of the semester for me - though my last final that I had to proctor was on Wednesday.  At this point, I have managed to finish grading all of the finals AND post everyone's grades online which means I'm officially finished with the Spring 2013 semester.

How should I celebrate being done with work for awhile?  How about with some cards...and some spring cleaning!  As I mentioned a few months ago, one of my major goals is to reorganize my collection over the summer.  I've been doing bits and pieces but now it's time to get serious with the reorganization.  I'm even debating about building myself a custom bookshelf for my binders that would include a drawer for with slots for "trade bait."  Has anyone ever tried to build such a thing?  I'm curious to see if anyone has ideas on how to best design such a shelf.

Right now, my idea would be this:
It counts as a "blue print" if you draw it in blue ink, right?

The three shelves would all be tall enough to hold binders (represented by my green lines).  I'm thinking if I add a fourth shelf the entire bookcase might crumble with the weight of all the binders.

The bottom drawer would look something like this:
Hard to believe I wasn't an art major in college, isn't it?

Though ideally with at least six rows for cards (one for each division in baseball).  I like to have a bunch of "extra cards" sorted by team so that I can make trades quickly and easily.

If I don't go the bookshelf route, I might try to make a cupboard for my cards - especially the boxes and boxes of set trade bait that I currently have scattered about.  It'd be nice to have some drawers and a shelf or two behind a door to "hide" some of my mess.  Of course, cupboards are a lot more work to build...and it wouldn't help me make any more space for my binders (which is a growing problem with my collection).

What do you all think?  Any ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone attempted to do such a thing?  I'd love any and all comments.


Napkin Doon said...

I like it- I've got all my stuff on resin shelving and it's starting to bend. If you put together something that works for you, I'll definitely be interested in copying it!

Colbey Hopper said...

^ What Napkin said!

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