Friday, April 05, 2013

ESPN the Magazine Talks About Topps Cards! (I Talk About the Magazine)

In what is probably a surprise to most bloggers, I still actually subscribe to an honest-to-goodness print magazine:  ESPN the Magazine.  I bought the magazine when it first came out because it was a much cheaper alternative to Sports Illustrated and I've stuck with it almost continuously ever since.  There was a three month period a few years ago where I couldn't afford it, but otherwise, it's been the one constant.

To the best of my memory, not once has ESPN dedicated a page to baseball cards.  Not until now that is.

In the April 15, 2013 issue of the magazine, on page 72 you can find a page full of pretty Topps cards.  The theme?

A gallery of what Topps says are its oddest cards.

Let's take a peek at a few of the cards that Topps chose - and let's see if I agree.
A card featuring a fake person.  I remember when I told my younger brother about this card, his response:  "That's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard of."

That still sums up my view - a harmless prank that devolved into set after set of short prints, super short prints, and super duper jacked up squirrel cards.  Personally, this card is both an odd card and a terrible harbinger of even more annoyance to come.

 How do I not own this card?  Unlike the Uzuki, this is an AWESOME card.  Rex Hudler is being hilarious - and the caption in the magazine makes it that much more fun.  I'm a little surprised that the caption even made it to print - usually ESPN is fairly reserved with their commentary (in terms of off color comments that is).

Carry a big bat and...well, Kirby's is still bigger.  In other news, I think he's overcompensating.  Probably owned a big jacked up pickup track too.
Moon's card (and eyeball caterpillar) has been featured on plenty of blogs - but he gets another chance to show off that glorious single eyebrow on the pages of the magazine.  I don't know that this is an odd card per se, but it is an odd guy!

From Uzuki in 2008 to Morse in 2012, we see the lengths that Topps has had to go to in order to keep people interested (and buying) their products.  The celebration short prints were something that eluded me last year, mostly because I didn't buy any of the flagship.  However, they fall in line with the previous legends (which were ok) and the shiny stars (which were stupid).

There are a total of 15 cards featured in the magazine, but in the interest of fairness I'll make you go buy your own copy (or find a virtual copy online) to see the rest (hint:  There is an Oscar Gamble sighting as well as a Gary Pettis' younger brother appearance).

At least it's a positive story about cards - and something other than "I thought my 1987 Topps set would fun my retirement."  If I had more time (and right now I most definitely do not), I would construct my own "15 Oddest Topps cards in my collection."  Heck, maybe I will someday - it does sound like a fun exercise!


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