Friday, April 26, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

I keep track of all of my trades on a gigantic Excel spreadsheet.  I didn't start the spreadsheet until sometime in mid-2009, but it's still a great record of almost all the trades that I've completed since beginning this blog.  Over that time, I've completed trades with many, many people - somewhere around 231 different folks if my count is correct!  Of course, most of those 231 people have been a part of multiple trades - you can't get 100+ trades a year without trading with the same person multiple times!

Why do I bring all that up now?

Well, by my recollection, this is the first trade that ended up involving three people but only two envelopes.

How?  Easy.

I sent Kerry (from Cards on Cards) a few assorted Cardinals - in return, he sent me a few assorted Reds.  Easy enough.  At the same time, I had corresponded with Kerry's girlfriend who collects LEGO minifigures (much as I do).  With her, I was able to do a two-for-two swap of minifigures.  Double win for me!

Since this is a baseball card blog first, I'll begin with the sports cards.  Continue scrolling down to see the LEGO figures (and if you like that sort of thing, be sure to check out my LEGO-centric blog).

We begin with my favorites of the various Reds cards that Kerry sent me - this nice Barry Larkin card.

You know I love me all things Larkin - so this will find a happy home in my Barry Larkin Collection!

Next, a representative 2005 Topps Chrome card.

Kerry actually sent four Reds from the '05 set (Kearns, Harang, Milton, and Ortiz).  I'm not sure there's a worse foursome you could pick - all but Harang were awful for the Reds...and even Harang had a terrible ending to his tenure with Cincinnati.  All that said, I appreciate the cards because I rarely buy Topps Chrome.  Not because I don't like the set (I do), but because I can't convince myself to drop twenty bones for a blaster "full" of something like 16 cards.  As a set collector, that makes me cry a bit.

Here's something that doesn't make me cry:  Shiny Heritage!

This is a great card of the Reds' outfielder.  I have high hopes for Bruce this year, and despite his slow start, I still think he's due for a monster year.

Finally, we end the baseball card portion with this wonderful Leaf card of Sean Casey.

I miss the Mayor - even though the Reds current first baseman (Votto) is probably three times the player of Casey, Sean was much, much more personable.  He always seemed like he was having fun - unlike Votto who always looks like he's constipated.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, this trade involved some LEGO figures as well.  Both of the figures that I got are from the recent Series 9 - and both belong in a medieval woods setting.

First up, a forest maiden (or Katniss from the Hunger Games - your choice).

Back when I was a kid, I LOVED the Forestmen which were a LEGO Castle faction back in the day.  This figure would have fit in beautifully with that group - and it would have been an instant favorite.

Speaking of instant favorites as a kid, the other figure would also have been popular with me back then...a heroic knight.

Sure, his sword is a bit lame but I love the shield and armor plates.  And look how happy the hero is when you lift his face mask!

A great pair of figures - and now I'm only missing ten of the figures from Series 9.

Thanks for the trade Kerry and Erin - and for anyone else, I'd love to continue adding to my trade totals with either baseball cards, LEGO figures (or sets) - or both!  Check out my want list and make an offer!


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