Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tribe Cards Delivers: Part I

David (from Tribe Cards) is currently hosting one of the most ambitious group breaks (of sorts) that I've ever seen.  Basically, he's opening a bunch of packs and participants get to "draft" players in order to determine what cards they walk away with at the end of the season.  The break itself must be close to a nightmare to keep track of - but it's a lot of fun to watch from the outside!

David's current break is indeed ambitious, but if there's one thing I know, it's this:  David's prepared.

You see, last year he held a break that was similar in set-up (minus the drafting bit).  In that break, participants got to claim a specific player or team.  I was lucky enough to jump in early and claimed the Reds - a good move by me as I ended up with quite a few new cards for my collection.

This is part I of my haul.

Question:  What's better than a regular sized 1986 card?
Answer:  A lot, actually.  But the specific answer I was looking for was "oversized 1986 Donruss cards."

Pete Rose:

Dave Parker:

Both of the oversized cards were new to my collection - in fact, I didn't even know that such a set existed until I opened up the trade envelope!

As I mentioned above, I claimed the Reds as a whole - and while I did get a bunch of new cards, a few of the Reds were duplicates.  The following are all available should someone have an interest in them.  Otherwise, I'll probably put 'em up on Listia.

2008 UD Goudey:
Aaron Harang & Sparky Anderson

I'm working on completing the '08 Goudey set - in fact, here's what I still need:

2008 Upper Deck Goudey Wants:
#202, 214, 228, 236, 251, 258, 266, 271, 285, 294, 302, 305, 310, 312, 313, 314, 318, 319, 321, 323, 325, 328
Hit Parade of Champions: #HPC-2, HPC-15, HPC-16, HPC-17, HPC-21, HPC-24, HPC-26

Another nice card that I already owned - a Joey Votto rookie card.

The 2008 UD Timeline set is another set that I'm working on still.

2008 Upper Deck Timeline:
#235, 276, 279, 288, 300, 302, 308, 336, 341, 345, 356, 361, 363, 366, 373, 374, 375

For Timeline, I have quite a few duplicates available for trade.

Finally, we end with a 1991 Topps rookie cup card of Hal Morris.

I'm pleased to say that I've completed the 1991 Topps set - so no begging necessary here!

Thanks for the awesome group break David - and I'll be sure to show off more goodies in the near future.


--David said...

You are welcome! It is a bit daunting to do these breaks/giveaways, but I absolutely love doing them. I tried to walk away from it before, and did for almost a year, but my favorite part is getting cards into the hands of collectors! I especially love it when, like the Donruss, I find something someone hasn't seen before! Thanks for playing along!

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