Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tribe Cards Delivers: Part III

Welcome to part three of the fantastic package of cards courtesy of David's (from Tribe Cards) 2012 season long group break.  You can see Parts I and II by scrolling back through my archives.

Today, we look at the "best of the rest" - non-Larkin division.  After today's post, I'll have one more post from the package that will show off the best cards (the Larkins)!

We begin our tour through the "best of the rest" by staring deep into Spud's (non-goggled) eyes.

Chris Sabo was my second favorite player for many years - mostly because we share the same first name...and I always liked his rec specs (though I don't wear glasses).  The biggest downside to the card is the itty bitty team logo at the bottom...could Studio have made that any smaller?  Sheesh.

Did you know Deion Sanders was so fast he could steal the sunlight right out of a stadium?

At least, I'm assuming that's what happened here:

Yikes!  What a dark card...

Moving on to brighter days - how about a UD Icons card of Joey Votto?

I think I have two or three copies of this card, but I still like it!  I'm hopeful that Votto has a big 2013 season, though to date he hasn't exactly been a superstar.

The 1990 Score set is another colorful set - and one that I happen to like quite a bit.  In fact, I've contemplated working on completing the entire Score set...that's how much I like it!

I think the best part (for me) about the '90 set is the color team logos.  This was one of the first sets that I saw as a kid with the easy to see logos on the card fronts.  I remember trying to draw the various logos as a kid - and mostly failing because I have zero artistic ability.

Finally, we give Topps Opening Day some love for two consecutive days!

Mat Latos has the stuff to be a true ace - he's another guy who needs to have a big year if the Reds are really going to compete for a league championship!

Thanks (once again) for all the cards David!  And, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, there's still one more post full of goodies remaining to be written!  Stay tuned.


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"...he could steal the sunlight right out of a stadium." - Now, that is funny right there!

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