Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Barry Larkin Collection 185: 1995 Topps Dimension III - #48

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Topps Dimension III
Card number:  48

Over the years, various card companies have tried to pull off a 3D-type set.  Sometimes it's more multiple images (ala SportFlix) while other times companies actually go for a true 3D effect.  The Topps Dimension III set is all about trying to achieve the 3D look - and while it was a noble effort I don't think it worked overly well.  Instead, the front of the cards look nothing but blurry to me - but then again, I was never good at seeing the hidden images in the old Magic Eye books (which would have been released about the same time as the Dimension III set now that I think about it).

Unfortunately, the back of the card is just as ugly as the front, but without any 3D "technology."  In fact, the back is a hodgepodge of ugly fonts, ugly colors, and ugly shapes.  There's probably a reason why this set was never extended into a long run like Stadium Club or even Opening Day.  Ick.


Colbey Hopper said...

1 and done! I actually like this set, despite the horrendous card backs!

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