Friday, May 10, 2013

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Part II)

I posted Part I a few days.  Today, let's take a look at another project that I've already completed this summer:

That's right, a bat rack.  It may look quite simple (and really, it is quite simple), however it took me quite some time because I don't own a drill press.  As such, I had to experiment with some different options with my hand drill in order to figure out a way to make the proper sized holes for the bats to fit in.  Then, I had to figure out my table saw in order to make the proper cuts - you can't tell from the photo but there is a back to the bat rack that has a strip cut out so that it fits up and over the main board.  Finally, the two hooks that are used to hold the batting gloves and softball mitt are actually from a different project.  I had to drill a hole halfway through the board plus a small notch in the front in order to secure each of the two hooks in place.  I would have liked to make a way to hold my cleats as well but there wasn't enough room between the two studs in my garage.

This is but one of many projects I hope to complete over the summer...stay tuned to the blog because I hope to have more success stories as the warm months roll on by!


cynicalbuddha said...

I think it's the Romex that really ties it all together.:)

Spankee said...

I bought a used baby drill press from a guy I work with. It was the best $35 I ever spent. It's incredibly useful. Even a cheap small one from Harbor Freight Tools is worth it.

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