Tuesday, May 07, 2013

How I've Spent my Summer Vacation (Part I)

This past Sunday was graduation for the college where I work.  Now that the festivities are over and done with, I can move on to summer vacation!  However, since I also had the week before graduation off - I got a head start on some summertime fun.  How so you ask?


Yep.  2032 pieces of pure fun.  As you probably know, I've started a LEGO-centric blog (where I'll post a review of this set at some point).

This is what happens when baseball cards fail to interest me.  I drop a bit of coin on a LEGO set containing more pieces than any set that I've ever built before...and that's saying something!  As a kid, my brother and I had tons of different LEGO sets - we would use them for hours on end.

As a bit of a teaser for those who are interested, here's the first few photos of the unboxing...

Like I said, I hope to put a full and proper review on my LEGO blog at some point in the semi-near future.  Until then, enjoy the photos.

And one more photo - just before I began the process of actually building the set...

I will add that I've already purchased another large set - but I'm forcing myself to write the review of the LEGO Pet Shop set before I open the next one up.


Fuji said...

Dang... two reasons I'm jealous.

A. You're already on break.
B. This set is awesome!

I watched a review of this set on YouTube and the guy said it was one of the best sets he had ever built. There's a ton of detail in this set... looks like you're gonna have a blast.

Colbey Hopper said...

A friend of mine has bought every one of those modular LEGO sets and has them displayed in one large street scene. It's really impressive. Have fun!

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