Thursday, May 09, 2013

New Additions to my Collection!

Yesterday, I bought six packs of new things for my collection - but they weren't packs of baseball cards.

Nope - instead I bought six packs of the newest Collectible Series 10 Minifigures from LEGO.

I'm super pumped about my purchase - maybe I'll even find one of the super rare Mr. Gold figures that sell for triple digits on eBay (yeah right).  Anyhow, I plan to open five of the packs up over at my LEGO blog (here).

For now, let's open up one pack here:

Immediate reaction?  YESSSSS!

This was, by far, the most wanted figure for me in the entire set.  The set has quite a few great figures, but the sea captain was my #1 wanted figure.

Here's a scan of the poster so you can see the full checklist of Series 10.

Besides the captain which I just got, I also really like Medusa, the Roman guy, the baseball player, and the revolutionary soldier.  The paintball guy is kind of unique as is the bee figure.  I would have liked to see more townsfolk in the set besides the painter and mechanic - in fact, the painter is basically the same figure as is in the Pet Shop set that I recently built.

PS:  In case you missed it, I posted the full review of my LEGO Pet Shop here.  It's an awesome set - and the review is chock full of photos so don't miss it!


cynicalbuddha said...

Nice that's one of the rarer Series 10 mini's and one that I'm still looking for. To Target!!!

Fuji said...

Wow... I can't wait to find someone selling the baseball player at the flea market. Very cool.

Colbey Hopper said...

They are out?! I must have that Medusa figure!

Erin said...

I can't find these anymore. The store where I got two, sold out in days.

I blame mr gold. :(

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