Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen Box Break: Packs 10 - 12

I've already found three of the four promised hits...and so far none have been impressive.  Is my box a total dud?  I sure hope not.  Luckily, I really bought the box so that I could get closer to completing the set so all is not lost quite yet.  Let's keep rippin' packs.

Pack 10:

I like the black minis quite a bit - and that Dawson photo makes for a sharp lookin' card.  The mini happens to be number 099/199.  A good pack to start the day off with!

Pack 11:

There wasn't anything interesting (to me) in pack 11...even the insert is pretty blah looking.

Pack 12:

I'm guessing Miguel Cabrera is a short print since he was in the "insert slot" in this pack.  If not, then I only got a single mini of note.  Lots of Cubs this time around!

With half the box now complete, the only "big" thing left to look for is the final promised autograph.  In terms of minis, I got the 1:15 packs black mini and I already lucked out with a 1:30 green and a 1:59 sepia mini.  Could I possibly find a 1:331 mini printing plate or, better, yet, a 1:594 wood mini or 1:2,969 leather mini?  At this point, I doubt it but I'm holding out hope!


night owl said...

Is your box a total dud?

Weellllllllll ... it's Gyspy Queen.


Ana Lu said...

Smith does not slide. He flies!

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