Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Topps Archives Group Break: Box 3 - Packs 8 - 10

The group break is rapidly winding down.  If all goes well, you should have your cards within a few days.  That is, if I'm not a total slacker when it comes to packing up cards (by far the worst part of any group break).  Until then though, let's keep rippin' packs!

Box 3 - Pack 8:
Yadier Molina - Cardinals
Chase Headley - Padres
Josh Reddick - Athletics
Brian McCann - Braves
Ian Kennedy - Diamondbacks
Anthony Rizzo - Cubs
Mariano Rivera - Yankees
Topps Vault Redemption

Pack 9:
Carlos Ruiz - Phillies
Tyler Skaggs - Diamondbacks
Brandon Phillips - Reds
Bronson Arroyo - Reds
Ian Desmond - Nationals
R.A. Dickey - Blue Jays
Craig Kimbrel - Braves
217.  Mookie Wilson - Mets

Another short print for the Mets.  That still pales in comparison to the R.A. Dickey auto from the first box though!

Pack 10:
Homer Bailey - Reds
Joe Nathan - Rangers
Reggie Jackson - Angels
Elvis Andrus - Rangers
Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
Hiroki Kuroda - Yankees
Wilin Rosario - Rockies
MT-DF.  Tall Boys:  David Freese - Cardinals

It had to happen where we'd hit a small group of packs without something extra exciting.  I guess the redemption card could be exciting is a box hit after all.  As with the other two, the redemption will be randomized at the end of the break between all teams without a box hit (or rarer) or a relic/auto.


The Junior Junkie said...

What do those redemption cards get you anyway? Is it just a random vintage card?

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