Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 Topps Archives Group Break: Packs 17 - 19

I'm loving the Topps Archives set quite a bit - in fact, there's a very real chance that I'll be buying a box (or two) for myself at some point.  For now though, I get to continue ripping packs full of cards that I (mostly) won't be keeping.

Box 2 - Pack 17:
Brandon Belt - Giants
Mark Teixeira - Yankees
Starling Marte - Pirates
Jered Weaver - Angels
Jacony Ellsbury - Red Sox
Jurickson Profar - Rangers
Evan Longoria - Rays
219.  Dave Lopes - Dodgers

It took awhile for the Dodgers to land an insert (getting their first yesterday).  Now, the Dodgers are up to two thanks to the Lopes short print.

Pack 18:
Kendrys Morales - Mariners
Buster Posey - Giants
Roy Halladay - Phillies
C.J. Wilson - Angels
Willie Stargell - Pirates
Yogi Berra - Yankees
Jon Lester - Red Sox
T-3A.  Stadium Club Triumvirate:  Cole Hamels - Phillies

I like the Triumvirate cards quite a bit - but given the fact that you basically need all three to "complete" the card, it is a shame that they are only seeded 1 per box.  Even so, that's a nice hit for the Phillies!

Pack 19:
Todd Frazier - Reds
Mike Moustakas - Royals
David Ortiz - Red Sox
Ben Zobrist - Rays
Albert Pujols - Angels
Tom Seaver - Mets
Jose Bautista - Blue Jays
227.  Mickey Rivers - Yankees

The Rivers is a short print, though certainly not the most exciting photo that I've ever seen.


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