Saturday, June 01, 2013

My First Blaster of 2013: Packs 4 & 5

I don't have a lot of time today - so here's the next pair of packs out of my Gypsy Queen blaster.  Here's hoping for something super awesome.

Pack 04:
73.  Casey Kelly
Kelly arrived in the Adrian Gonzalez trade.  Apparently he's highly touted, but then again, aren't all Padres pitchers highly touted since they pitch in a ballpark the size of Rhode Island?
193.  Chase Headley
"Look, it's a Padres Hot Box, awesome!"  Said no person ever.
205.  Jay Bruce

There we go, a Red!  This is the second Cincinnati player in the blaster which is good considering I'm only on pack 4.
311.  Matt Kemp
I'm guessing if I decide to not chase the GQ set that there are about 4 or 5 people that would like this card.  That's got to be good for something.
Mini:  285.  Matt Garza
It's a Cub, move along, nothing to see here.
DA-MB.  Madison Bumgarner

I teach a course called "The Mathematics of Games and Gambling" so a card set like "Dealing Aces" is right up my alley for multiple reasons!  Probably my favorite card in the pack, even if it is a Giant.

Pack 05:
25.  Chris Sale
I guess Sale is going to be pretty good.  
49.  George Kell
I know Kell was good.
183.  Al Lopez

A manager card?  Ok, cool.  That was a surprise for me.
219.  Jake Peavy
I can't keep track of Peavy.  It seems like he's either hurt or pitching awesome.  Unfortunately, I believe there's been more injuries than awesomeness in recent years.
Mini:  249.  Dan Haren
The Washington Harpers are quickly becoming one of my least favorite teams.
SS-JH.  Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward as a sliding star?  That seems like an odd selection to me.  Cool photo though.

You know what?  Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to open cards, even if I still haven't found that elusive triple autograph relic card that is supposedly inserted into retail packs.


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