Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Third (and Final?) Gypsy Queen Blaster

I bought a grand total of three Gypsy Queen blasters so far this year - and while the first blaster held a relic the other two (including this one) weren't nearly as exciting in that sense.  However, I'm a set collector so it's not just the hits that I'm interested in!

How did my third blaster stack up?  Well, I had two goals for it.
1.  I wanted it to contain a lot of new base cards for my set.
2.  I wanted it to contain some new inserts and/or Reds parallel cards.

Let's see how it stacked up.

It terms of base cards, the blaster was a resounding success - I needed every single base card that I got!  That's fairly rare - even if I only had opened two blaster previously.  Obviously, that has me extremely excited.

As for the inserts, I got the following:

Warren Spahn & Johan Santana

I needed the Santana still, but the Spahn is a duplicate (and is thus available for trade)!

Glove Stories:
Mike Trout &  Travis Snider

I needed both of the Glove Stories cards - an insert set that I think is pretty cool.

Dealing Aces:
Dylan Bundy & Trevor Bauer

My good luck didn't hold for the Dealing Aces cards - I already had pulled both Bundy and Bauer previously.  As with the Spahn, these are available for trade - preferably for a Dealing Aces card that I don't yet have.

Sliding Stars:
Rickey Henderson

The Sliding Stars are only 1 per blaster so odds were I'd need whichever one I pulled (which turned out to be true).

Collisions at the Plate:
Miguel Montero

The Collisions at the Plate are another one of my favorite insert sets in Gypsy Queen this year.  Unfortunately, I already have the Montero so I didn't get to add to my collection at all.

Finally, we make it to the best card in the blaster - a framed paper parallel:

Blue framed paper parallel:  #041/499
Tommy Milone

I would love to be able to flip this card for one of the Reds in the set...

I didn't get a single interesting mini in the box - certainly nothing as nice as the green or black minis from the previous two blasters...and no, I didn't get a single Reds mini either.

I recently ordered a single hobby box of Gypsy Queen with the hopes of A) completing the base set (or at least coming close) and B) nabbing some sort of nice hit to sell and re-make some of my spent cash back.  We shall see how that works out...

Edit:  I've updated my Gypsy Queen want list (since I've already busted the hobby box...but you'll have to wait to see the results of that).


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