Saturday, June 08, 2013

Topps Archives Group Break: Box 1 - Box Topper! (DON'T MISS THIS!)

Happy Saturday everyone!  To celebrate the weekend, how about we crack open the box topper from the first box?  This thing has been sitting around practically begging for me to open it's finally time.

Editor's note:  After I opened up the box topper, I had to add in the "DON'T MISS THIS" to the post title...  Just wow!

Box 1 - Box Topper:

RD.  R.A. Dickey - Autograph!  #09/10

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

That's an awesome card!  The Mets were an unclaimed team this time around so how's that for a "bonus team" card?!  That's part of the fun of the "choose one, random one" group break method I suppose!  The only downside to the card design is that the autograph is on a sticker.

Unfortunately, for as awesome of a pull as this is, the card is creased on the right hand side.  Almost a U-Shape toward the right border, smack dab in the middle of the card.  That's certainly unfortunate, but maybe Topps can replace it?  (I doubt it since it's numbered out of 10 but you never know.)

Despite the crease, it's still a great looking card - and I'm sure there are plenty of Mets fans out there who would love to have this one.

By the way, the Topps Greatest Moments Autos are seeded 1:178 boxes!


P-town Tom said...

This has been a pretty lucky box with the relic from earlier and now this box topper auto!

Chris Reed said...

Agreed! This is the type of box that's fun for a group break, plenty of goodies for everyone - way more than what was originally promised!

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