Sunday, June 09, 2013

Topps Archives Group Break - Box 1: Packs 15 & 16

Happy Sunday morning all.  Here's two more packs for you to enjoy while sipping your morning coffee.

Box 1 - Pack 15:
22.  Alex Rios - White Sox
31.  Brock Holt - Red Sox
99.  Joey Votto - Reds
117.  Carlos Santana - Indians
160.  Felix Hernandez - Mariners
185.  Stan Musial - Cardinals

MT-AB.  Tall Boy:  Albert Pujols - Angels

83-BH.  All-Star:  Bryce Harper - Nationals

This pack had some pretty serious star power!

Box 1 - Pack 16:
46.  Justin Morneau - Twins
79.  Josh Willingham - Twins
112.  Kris Medlan - Braves
120.  Ted Williams - Red Sox
176.  Jose Altuve - Astros

192.  Adam Eaton - Diamondbacks
116.  Gold Rainbow parallel:  Billy Butler - Royals  #174/199

T-6C.  Stadium Club Triumvirate:  Manny Machado - Orioles

Woah, lots to talk about in this pack.  First, the Astros (finally) landed their first card of the break with the Altuve base card.  The Gold parallels are seeded 1:13 so that's a nice serially numbered pick up for the Royals.  Finally, the Stadium Club Triumvirate cards are seeded 1:24 packs which means the Orioles just landed a true box hit.  In fact, the Triumvirates are twice as rare as the Fan Favorite autos (since the autos are seeded two per box)!



My morning coffee was gone almost 4 hours ago, but I am glad to see my 3rd Tribe card !

Now, about my extra team, the Rockies

I always liked the Stadium Club Triumvirates.

madding said...

It's really jarring to see Stan Musial on the craptastic 1990 design.

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