Monday, July 29, 2013

Becoming a Frank White Super Collector (or Why Topps Hates the Astros)

I've now opened one-fourth of the 2013 Topps Archives box.  So far, I've managed to pull a Topps BK card AND a Gallery of Heroes.  Now it's on to looking for the autographs I suppose!

Pack 7:

Since I hosted a group break where I busted a bunch of Archives boxes (but didn't get to keep anything except the Reds), I often get confused whether a card I've seen before is one that I actually own or that I simply busted for others.  In the case of the Frank White Tall Boy, I actually have my own I have two.  Bummer!

Pack 8:

It's a Frank White hot box!  All I need is his autograph and I think I'll have all the White cards in the set.  Unfortunately, I already had this one - maybe I should become a Frank White super collector?

Pack 9:

I'm certainly not an Astros fan - though I do miss them in the NL Central because they were usually good for about 15 wins for my Reds.  Even so, I think it's deplorable that Topps only managed to put a single Astro in the 200 card base set.  If I were an Astros fan, I think I would swear off Topps until they changed their mode of operation.  I certainly remember the days when the Reds totally sucked - I'd be lucky if there were two or three players from my favorite team in a set (my memory blames Upper Deck usually for that).  Every team deserves at least a few base cards, we don't all want the Yankees or Red Sox!


P-town Tom said...

The way the Cubs front office has been trading players lately I'll be lucky to find 1 North-sider in any of next years sets. LOL

Regardless of talent, the 'Stros should have more than one in the set. Topps needs a wake up call.

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