Thursday, July 11, 2013

Delivery Time: The Cardboard Junkie Sends Me A Statue of Sorts

You all know him as "Dayf" or perhaps the "Cardboard Junkie".  Me?  I know him as "the guy who seems to have a knack for sending me esoteric items from my want list".

Oh, you say my name for Dayf doesn't have a good flow to it?  Screw you I say.

What is the esoteric item I speak of?  Well - it's a little baseball figurine from a set called SportsClix that I've decided to chase.

I bought a boatload of SportClix booster boxes off of eBay one time which left me with quite a good start to the full series.  It wasn't all that long ago that I added the set to my want list (ok, it was back in April of 2013) but there hadn't been a single trade offer for the set.  Just when I was about ready to delete the set from my want list, Dayf (as you call him) emailed me saying he had one for me.  And just like that, another addition to my want list was made permanent (at least for awhile - which, when you think about it really isn't all that permanent).
If you look really carefully, you can see my "trade spreadsheet" that is open on my computer screen.  That's how I keep track of who I've sent what to...and who I owe (and, sometimes, who owes me)!

Moving on...

In addition to the Alex Sanchez figure, Dayf also sent me a few 1990 Topps cards that I had needed at one point...pretty sure I have duplicates of them all now though.  Who knew that bloggers would be so eager to rid themselves of the scourge known as '90 Topps?

I guess I love weird stuff - I find 1990 Topps wonderful.  Not quite 1991 Topps wonderful, but definitely better than some of the other Topps sets from the 90s.

In addition to the stuff from my want list, Dayf sent along a couple of Reds...

Plus a few nice Barry Larkin cards for my growing collection.

Thanks for the great trade Dayf - and, as usual, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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