Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Golden Cano plus Harper-mania

By the time this post is over, I will have busted half of my 2013 Topps Archives box.  No reason to delay...

Pack 10:

Is there still such a thing as Harper-mania?  I think I may have a mild case of Harper-mania simply because this is the first card in ten packs that I needed for my set (actually, it's the second since I pulled a Gallery of Heroes card earlier as well).

Pack 11:

This pack had two inserts, one was a Kirk Gibson Tall Boy (which I already owned) while the other was this gorgeous Robinson Cano gold parallel (#120/199).  I don't actually want this card per se, but I would like to trade it for some of the gold parallel Reds' cards that I still need.

Pack 12:

Another short print...and another one that I already owned.  I'm not liking the trend of getting only duplicate short prints in this box.

Not a lot of inspiration in the previous three packs...but the second half of the box should provide some good writing prompts since I'm still looking for not one, but both the promised autographs!


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