Friday, July 19, 2013

Group Break Pack #34: Cut to the Chase Indeed.

After the excitement of the last pack, we are probably due for a letdown...I mean, how do you follow up a Willie Mays relic anyhow?!  Let's see what goodies lurk in the third-to-last pack of the break.

Pack 34:
Paul Maholm - Braves
Carlos Gomez - Brewers
Josh Donaldson - Athletics

Omar Infante - Tigers
R.A. Dickey - Mets
Chris Herrmann - Twins
Philip Humbar - Astros
Tom Wilhelmsen - Mariners
MM-23.  Making their Mark:  Todd Frazier - Reds

CTC-28.  Cut to the Chase:  Al Kaline - Tigers

Well, well, well.  I stand corrected - this pack was actually pretty darn good!  The Todd Frazier card is nice for me while the Kaline die-cut is simply gorgeous!  Good stuff indeed - I've been impressed with the Series 2 box, hopefully all of you have been as well!


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