Monday, July 22, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: Cards on Cards Sends LEGO (plus Baseball Cards)

The previous group break took up a lot of my time, but now I'm free to get back to "regular" posting.  However, this particular post isn't totally regular...

For one thing, the package is from Kerry AND his girlfriend Erin (you probably know Kerry from Cards on Cards).  As anyone who reads my blog knows, I'm certainly not a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals (or most of their fans).  However, Kerry is a great blogger - and he allows me to rid myself of all the cards of the team in the wrong red uniform on a fairly regular basis (which is appreciated)!  Even better, Kerry has a knack for finding cards that I want!

Case in point:  A bunch of Barry Larkin cards for me!

Out of the seven Larkin cards, I believe I needed at least three of them.  Considering how many Larkins I now own, that's an amazing haul for me!  I will have more on the blog in due time in terms of talking about the different Larkin cards as I continue my Barry Larkin Collection posts.

In addition, Kerry is dating a wonderful lady who collects LEGO minifigures just like I do.  Even better, we've managed to work out a couple of "baseball cards for Kerry, LEGO for the lady, and both for me" type trades lately.

My newest additions for my LEGO collection?  A trio of minifigures from Series 10.

Roman Commander:

LEGO has released a few different Roman figures over the past couple of Collectible Minifigure series.

This particular minifig comes complete with a cape, sword, and sweet helmet.  He also has some nice torso printing which I like.


The skydiver is (in my opinion) one of the lamer figures in Series 10.  However, as any set collector will tell you - lame or not, if you need it, it's awesome to get!  That's precisely the case with the Skydiver as he had eluded me up until now.  I do like his bright green helmet but the only other accessory that he comes with is a bright green backpack (presumably holding his parachute).

I must say, the skydiver does have one of the more unique (and humorous) LEGO facial expressions that I've seen.

Painter (or Decorator as LEGO calls him):

I save the best figure for last - the painter/decorator is absolutely perfect!  I love the little paint bucket and the blue paint roller...but what makes the figure is the little splotches of blue paint all over the painter (except for his pristine white cap).  A great figure - and a great trade!

Many thanks to Kerry and Erin for the trade.  I'm now only missing five figures from the Series 10 LEGO collectible minifigure series - and the Larkins are always appreciated!


jacobmrley said...

Pristine cap? He obviously wasn't doing the ceiling.

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