Friday, July 26, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: The Judge and the Ondrusek

It's been a fun week of LEGO-centric posts around here (and if you've enjoyed them, there's plenty more LEGO stuff over at my actual LEGO blog)!  In an effort to conclude LEGO week with a bang, you can look forward to a flurry of posts today - all of which will highlight parts of a recent trade I completed with Jeff over in England!

I sent Jeff a whole lotta inserts, base cards, and short prints that he needed for his various sets.  In return, Jeff sent me a bunch of LEGO figures (plus some baseball cards).  It was a great trade - and it's a great way to conclude LEGO week here at Nachos Grande.  Since Jeff sent me plenty of LEGO figures and plenty of cards (and since this is a baseball card blog first and foremost), I've decided to pair each figure with a baseball card (or multiple cards depending on the post).  There will be a few throughout the day simply to keep your Friday reading active!

We begin with one of the LEGO figures that I was looking forward to from Series 9 (a series that seemed to have come and gone so quickly that I missed most of it)!

For whatever reason, I thought the Judge looked too cool to not get - and now I'm pleased to say that I finally own my own version!

The Judge comes complete with a red robe, a big white wig, and, of course, his trusty gavel to restore order in the courtroom.  I like the fact that LEGO gave the judge glasses as well, it's a unique head print (at least to me).

What better card to pair with the Judge than Logan Ondrusek (the final Topps Series 1 base Red that I needed)?

Ok, ok, there's actually no real ties that I can make between the two.  However, if we stretch things a bit I could say that Logan knows Mike Leake (another Reds' pitcher) and Leake got busted for stealing t-shirts last year (seriously).

Yep, we end on that note...  There will be more LEGO figures throughout the day, though no other figures from Series 9 (so if you have any available, here's what I still need).


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