Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LEGO Theme Week: A Pair of Collectible Minifigure "Blind Packs" from Series 10

Sometimes I think I have hoarding tendencies.  After all, I'm a huge baseball set collector...and now I've gone ahead and dove head first into the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series.  In an effort to put a small dent in my Series 10 LEGO needs, I recently bought a pair of unopened packs from Wal*Mart.
Why did the photo upload sideways?  Some things I'll never know I guess.

Did I get anything good - or at the least, any figures that I actually needed?  Let's find out together.

Pack 1:

Complete dud.  In fact, it was another Roman Commander that looks just like this guy that I showed off in yesterday's trade post...
I guess that's the danger of buying sealed packs...you never know what you are going to get (unless you like to feel the packs up and guess on which packs you need).  I must say, usually I'm terrible at that...

Pack 2:

...I did say usually in the above paragraph because I was fortunate enough to come across the box full of unopened packs shortly after some Wal*Mart employee stuck it on the end of the aisle.  Why lucky?

Well, I needed the Medusa figure which is INCREDIBLY easy to feel for - heck, you don't even need to feel, just look for a super fat package and you've found the Medusa figure thanks to that big 'ol snake tail she sports.
Top view of Medusa

All things told, getting one figure out of two packages isn't bad.  I probably should have saved my money after getting the Medusa but I was hoping to get lucky and pull one of the remaining figures from my want list.  Alas, no such luck there but still - there's certainly worse figures to get duplicates of than the Roman Commander.  For the record, the Commander is available for trade if anyone is interested.


cynicalbuddha said...

The Medusa is also one of the rarer figures being only 2 to 3 per box and it's also my favorite from series 10. I was looking at the leaked photos from Series 11 and I think the Yeti is my upcoming favorite.

Erin said...

Have yet to find a medusa. I haven't run into new packs in
Awhile. I just know all the packs I have seen are mechanics and painters. (I have so many mechanics)

I also have quite the playmobil collection. :)

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