Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Questions for You!

I've been entertaining the idea of hosting a group draft of sorts.  Basically, the idea would be that X participants would buy in and then get the opportunity to draft cards from a provided list of cards from my collection.

I know others have done something similar in the past with varying degrees of success - basically I'm wondering if there is any interest in such a thing.

As for the cards that would be included, that will obviously depend upon the "buy in" price.  Since the worst part of group breaks is the packaging, I'd prefer to have a higher starting price but have fewer participants but I'm flexible.

Some of the possible things that I could include in the draft would be your typical relics (and some autographs) but I also have plenty of parallels & inserts.  Depending on the buy in price, I could also add some complete sets (such as Allen & Ginter).  

My only goal is to feel people out on the idea right now.  Any suggestions for price, number of participants, types of things included in a break, etc. are appreciated.  


Ryan G said...

The group drafts I've participated in have generally been lower priced, usually with a guarantee of a couple or few low-end relics (or probably one nicer hit) or a bunch of vintage. I'm usually looking for recent inserts (other than flagship, usually), oddballs, etc. I enjoy getting a bunch of cards at low prices, and you know what I like. Napkin Doon, Jaybarkerfan, and Scott Crawford all did drafts that I really enjoyed, if you're looking for ideas.

Spiegel83 said...

I enjoy a good card draft. I am able to obtain cards that fit my collection and am guaranteed some gems.

--David said...

I'd be interested in seeing this play out. As you know, I've run a couple draft model giveaways and I am always looking for ways to improve mine. Taking part in yours might give me some ideas for next season! :-)

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