Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Thinking About a New Group Break - Allen & Ginter. Looking for Feedback!

Edit:  Although this post is for a future break, I have a current break with sign ups happening as you read this.  Make sure to check out this post if you are interested in a super cheap group break that includes Series 2 Topps from 2013.


I'm thinking about hosting another group break, this time for 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter.  I've been debating doing the group break a bit different though and I'd appreciate some input.  You see, I want to collect the entire set - inserts included.  As such, for me the best bet is probably to buy a case.  Last year, I did a full case group break and then purchased a second case for myself.  Unfortunately, that left me with many, many boxes of extra Ginter cards that I didn't have a use for - and for the group break portion it left me with many hours worth of packaging up cards...not to mention a hefty shipping fee once I finally got the cards to the post office.

As such, I've come up with a few plans and I'd love to hear what you think.

Note:  All quoted prices include shipping to the US.

Option 1:  $25 for one team:  I buy a case of Ginter and keep one base set for myself.  The second base set gets divided up by teams.  Usually you get two full base sets (including short prints) in a case of Ginter, or if not, you come really close to it, therefore each slot should be good for a full team base set.  Then, I add to each team a selection of cards from my personal collection.  This will include autographs, relics, inserts, and plenty of base cards from a variety of years and sets - though I don't have "hits" for every team, it will make things a bit more fun for some of the teams with fewer cards in A&G this year.  Roughly speaking, everyone should have at least 50 cards or so of their claimed team*.  Note:  With this option, I'll be keeping all the minis, etc. from the Ginter case - only the base cards and base short prints would be doled out.
*Some teams will be in line for well over 50 cards - luck of the draw as they say.

Option 2:  $60 for one team:  I buy a case of Ginter and you get all cards of your chosen team within the case, with the exception of the box toppers (because they are a pain to package and ship with a large number of cards).  This includes all autos, relics, and minis.  Non-team cards will stay with me unless I sell at least 22 different team slots.

Option 3:  $100 per slot:  I buy a case of Ginter and hold a draft for all of the relics and autographs pulled (again, not counting any box toppers).   A case holds 12 boxes and each box should have 3 hits meaning 36 total hits.  Thus, to make it fair this option would only include 9 people.  That would give each participant at least 4 hits.  Assuming all 9 slots are taken, I would also include any unnumbered minis as hits, plus any duplicate inserts.  I would round out the draft with a bunch of base cards so that each participant would end up with at least 10 cards counting the hits.  With all the possible high value autographs (plus all the oddball hits), this could be a great value...or it could be a terrible value.  The draft would be run snake style, so whoever had pick #1 wouldn't get to pick again until #18.  I would not participate in the draft.

Option 4:  $120 per slot, 3 teams per slot, 1 your choice, 2 random:  You get all the base cards, short prints, and hits from the team of your choice plus your two random teams (with the exception of box toppers).

As you can see, I've thrown out some different ideas - including cheap, mid-range, expensive, and uhm, expensive!  All the options involve a full case.  If there's not sufficient interest for any of my ideas, then I might consider doing a two or three box break instead (in the more traditional sense like I usually do).

Let me know which option(s) you'd be interested in - or, if you think they are all crap, feel free to say that too.  And, of course, if you have a better plan for me to consider, let me know!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

I am in in any variation that let's me keep the minis, inserts and hits, but i have little need for extra base cards after the first one.

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