Saturday, July 06, 2013

Topps Archives Box: The Conclusion - Packs 22 - 24

The end of the box is finally here - let's see what the final three packs hold.

Pack 22:

A nice looking Johnny Cueto card (the Reds look great in the 1990 Topps design) plus a Don Baylor short print.  I'll take it!

Pack 23:

The front of the Archives box shows an Eric Davis Tall Boy with an autograph.  Part of me was hoping I'd pull that card in my box...but I guess I can settle for the "regular" version of the Davis Tall Boy instead.

Pack 24:

I was hoping for a Gallery of Heroes card but alas, no such luck.

Despite missing out on the Gallery of Heroes set, this box was still awesome.  The autographs were ok but the Touched By Greatness box topper really topped anything I could have ever hoped to pull (pun intended).  I'm also happy with the Davis Tall Boy and the Joey Votto gold parallel from the I got a lot closer to completing my set!  This box was much, much more fun than my Gypsy Queen box...I don't hate myself for buying this one.


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