Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Topps Archives Box: My First Fan Favorite Auto of the Box

Note:  I posted sign ups for a new group break earlier today - it's a cheap one so get in before it fills up!  You can get your fill of 2013 Topps Series 2, plus some older Archives love.  I now return you to your regularly schedule post...


It's time to start the second half of the Archives hobby box.  The box began with a sweet box topper but since then there's been nothing truly fantastic.  Will the second half hold more greatness or is the box topper the single draw of the box?  Either way, I consider this box a "win"!

Pack 13:

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about baseball, but I can't say I know much at all about Paul Blair.  The autograph is quite nice, but still, who is Blair?!  From the back of the card, I learned that Blair homered to account for the Orioles only run in the third game of the 1966 World Series against the Dodgers (a game the Orioles won).  The Blair auto is already claimed in a trade so I guess I won't have to learn much about him...

Pack 14:

Here's a pair of big, bad men.  The Gibson photo actually looks more like they woke him up on a Saturday morning after a night on the town, but still...  Plus, how about those backgrounds?  That's some pretty blue and green, right?

Pack 15:

Another short print for me - good deal!  I love the rookie cup logo too, reminds me of my childhood.

Well, I found the first of the two promised autographs.  I can't help but wonder if I'll get a relic or one of the rarer autograph types since this box has been so good already.  I'm also holding out hope for one of the Gallery of Heroes cards, but I won't be greedy!


hiflew said...

Blair was a little before my time, but I always loved his name. If you switched the capital letters in his name you change from Paul Blair to Baul Plair (ball player). Suddenly I feel like Harry Carey saying player's names backwards.

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