Monday, July 01, 2013

Topps Archives Hobby Box: Packs 7 - 9

Another Monday is here - but at least this is a short week for most of you.  For me?  Well, I'm still on summer break so every week is a good week...  I know, I know, I'm a jerk.  Sorry.  Here's some cards to make up for it.

Pack 7:

A Tom Terrific box hit and a Tony Cingrani rookie card?  Yeah, not a bad pack at all!

Pack 8:

Another Red, this time Frazier plus a Pedro All-Star card.  The Archives set is a lot of fun for me because it is packed full o' Reds.

Pack 9:

The Dave Parker is one of the Tall Boys inserts - and while I'm not sure the yellow shirt goes great with the pink background, I still like the card.

That's nine packs down and we haven't found either of the promised autos.  Of course, even if this box has zero Fan Favorites autos the box topper more than made up for it so no big deal!


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