Monday, July 01, 2013

Topps Archives: There's Gold in Them Hills!

I admit that many of you are probably sick of my pack posts.  I apologize for that and I promise to mix it up more in the near future (mostly because I won't have any money to buy packs, most likely, until Ginter).  For now though, bear with me!

Side Note:  This might be my best post title yet given the cards that I pull in the three packs.

Pack 10:

Another sticker card, but again I refuse to scan them because my scanner tries to split them up into four individual images.  Instead, I give you Aaron Hill - winner of the "worst card in the pack."  But hey, this might be the first blog where his card got posted across the entire blog-o-sphere.  After all, who collects the Diamondbacks anyhow?

Pack 11:

The previous pack might've sucked but this one's pretty darn good.  A beautiful gold parallel (really, they are quite lovely) plus another short print for me.  More packs like this please!

Pack 12:

I swear I wrote the above paragraph before I opened Pack #12.  You might not believe me since I ended up with another short print plus another gold parallel.  However, this gold parallel is MUCH, MUCH better - at least for me... Joey Votto!

Still no promised hits but we've only opened up half the box.  Quite honestly, the short prints and gold Votto feel like hits to me anyhow so I'm happy!


Red Cardboard said...

Great. Now there are only 198 of those Vottos left for me to chase.

Play at the Plate said...

I like seeing the pack rips. Keep it up. Congrats on pulling some you really like...the card, I'm talking about the card.

arpsmith said...

If u don't mind setting aside that Pagan for a trade once I get all my stuff unpacked, I would love to get it from you.

Chris Reed said...

Arpsmith: I set aside the Pagan for you, let me know once you are unpacked and ready to go - no rush!

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