Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trade Winds Are Blowing: Part 1

Although my blog has been mostly dominated by group break posts lately, I haven't given up on all the other aspects of the hobby.  In fact, I've probably completed more trades in the past three weeks than I had in the previous three months!  Some of my trades are small (including a few PWE trades) while others are large.  One, however, was gigantic - and that's where I begin today!

Blog reader David (who doesn't have a blog if I'm correct) recently sent me a priority box chock full of goodies, some of which were on my want list and others he tried to tempt me to add even more stuff to my list!

We begin our tour though the goodies that David sent my way with a set that most of you are probably sick of already.  However, I was late to the scene so for me 2013 Gypsy Queen is still relatively exciting.

David helped me out with 40 or so base cards - including a few of my favorites:

Bill Buckner

I don't have much to say about Buckner, I certainly don't care about the ball that went through his legs.  What I do care about is that his card is quite nice - one of the more unique cards in the set that I've seen so far (though I'm still missing a lot of cards from the set so who knows, maybe there are more like this).

Joey Votto

For as good of a player as Votto is, he actually doesn't seem to have all that many great base cards.  This one isn't overly awesome either - but for a Votto card it's actually quite nice (if that makes sense).  I love Joey Votto though, his cerebral approach to the game of baseball matches my approach to the game - even if my game is nothing more than co-ed slow pitch softball.

Ken Griffey Jr.

While Votto doesn't seem to get a lot of great base cards, Griffey Jr. certainly does - even in retirement!  I happen to love this shot of the kid, and while I'm a huge Reds fan even I think Griffey looks more at home in the Mariner's uniform.  I think it was because he seemed to have fun while in Seattle, I think Cincinnati put too much of a burden on him (and one he could never possibly live up to without a World Series ring - or two).  It's hard to grow up in the shadow of the Big Red Machine...it's even harder when your dad was part of that team!

Shin-Soo Choo

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when the Reds acquired Choo (truth be told, I was simply happy that they got rid of Drew Strike-Out Stubbs.  Thus, Choo's good-to-great play throughout the season has been a pleasant surprise of sorts - and a welcome addition to the top of the Reds' lineup.  This happens to be one of the first cards of Choo that I have that depicts him as a Red - instant favorite!

In addition to the base cards, David also sent me over some of the Gypsy Queen inserts that I still needed.  Once again, I'll only show off my favorites.

Carlos Ruiz

We begin the insert portion of the trade with this awesome Collisions at the Plate card depicting a St. Louis Cardinal throwing a cheap elbow in poor 'ol Ruiz's face.  I have no idea who the Cardinal is but it's obvious he's a tool.

Yadier Molina

As a Reds' fan, I have to admit that I hate Molina though I recognize that he is a really, really good player.  Thus, it makes it that much sweeter to see a card of him getting pummeled, especially since it's a "lowly" Pirate doing the pummeling.  After all, the Cardinals have spent way too long pummeling the likes of the Pirates (and, quite honestly, the Reds) lately.  I would like to note that the Pirate guy is leading with his shoulder rather than elbow - that's the right way to do a collision at the plate.

Carlos Gonzalez

Yeah, yeah, Carlos is stealing a base against my Reds.  Despite that, I can appreciate this card for what it is:  cardboard gold.  I think Topps really knocked the ball out of the park with both the Sliding Stars and Collisions at the Plate insert sets.

Coco Crisp

The final insert card to show off is this Coco Crisp Glove Stories card.  Just like the previous two insert sets, the Glove Stories cards are also awesome!  You have to love cards depicting guys robbing home runs!

This is only part 1 of the trade with David - there's plenty more to come...including some cards that weren't on my want list but probably will be shortly!  Stay tuned for more - plus I'll have more group break posts soon as well!


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