Wednesday, August 07, 2013

2013 Allen & Ginter Is Here!

It's Allen & Ginter season now...and I couldn't be more excited!  In fact, I woke up to see this (using my UPS tracking number):

Yep - my case is almost here.  It should arrive at some point today!  Once I get the cards all busted I'll be making a comprehensive want list - I know for sure that I'll be chasing ALL the mini insert sets (and the regular sized insert sets) so keep me in mind for trades!  I'll also be hunting down the Reds - and just maybe the relics this year (I'll wait and see on that though).

Unfortunately, I have a pair of softball games tonight so I probably won't get to bust much until tomorrow.  Until then, I recommend you check out my recent PWE trade (and I'll have another PWE posted later today).


Chris said...

My box of Allen and Ginter isn't scheduled to arrive until Friday. Sometimes packages from Dave and Adam's Card World arrive a day early, though, so I am hoping for that. I may have to have my wife hold the packs for me so I can only bust a couple a day and draw the excitement out for a couple of weeks.

Greg Zakwin said...

Interested in any sweet Kemps/Kershaws/Russ Martins you're not in love with.

Spankee said...

My half-case is scheduled for Thursday delivery...looks like a good time for a Friday off.

Anonymous said...

Despite living in the UK I seem to have done quite well - my 4 boxes are due for delivery today (Thursday). According to UPS tracking they arrived in the country yesterday evening and as of an hour ago are out for delivery :-)

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