Sunday, August 18, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #11 - Finishing off the Box

Right now, we are about to finish off box #11 in my case.  I will remind you once again to return later today to see what ended up being the best box in the case!

Packs 13 - 24:

I didn't pull any black bordered minis in the first half of the box - but that simply meant I had a lot of them in the second half (three to be precise).

The latter half of the case has been quite heavy on both The First Americans and Inquiring Minds minis.  As further proof, I pulled another one from each set.

The Inquiring Minds card is of Karl Marx.

Although I know Marx's basic ideas, I confess that I don't really know all that much about him.  I would have thought that he'd be given more attention in high schools but I guess that's not the case (or at least it wasn't the case for me).  Maybe people are still touchy about the whole "teaching communism" thing?

The First Americans card was of the Wichita.

According to the card, the Wichita now number about 2500 which is one of the lowest totals that I've seen on any of the First American cards.  The Wichita were once known for their huge huts and elaborate tattoos.
I got a special surprise in this box as I pulled my third no-number mini.

This one happens to be of Trevor Cahill.  He's not a high value name but that's ok - I'm happy to get anything that can help me recoup some of my investment!

Finally, the third and final hit from the box...

This is one heckuva washed out card if you ask me.  The swatch is white.  The frame is tan.  The photo is dull.  There's not all that much interesting going on here (but at least it is one of the framed relics since I like those a lot better)!


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