Sunday, August 18, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #12 - The Final Twelve Packs of the Case!

Welcome back to the final pack rip post of my 2013 Allen & Ginter case.  I still have a box remaining for Gint-a-Cuffs (which I ordered separately thanks to the gift code via Dave & Adams).  I'm keeping that unripped until after the Gint-a-Cuffs rules are posted (which should be up by the time you actually read this post).

Anyhow, enough confusion of time...let's take a peek at the final twelve packs.

Packs 13 - 24:

My final box ended up being a bit light on black bordered minis.  In fact, I only got one:

At least it's a nice looking mini.  I think the horizontal cards are gorgeous in mini size (not so much in full size though - I hate how horizontal cards look when in a binder).

I got three more mini inserts - though as you'll see in a moment, that's not as impressive as it could be.

We start with the good news - a card of the Hopi.

The Hopi number less than 20,000 and primarily reside in Arizona.  The Hopi were peaceful people grounded in "morality, accord, family, agriculture, art and ritual."  Good for them I say!

I also got a pair of minis that I already had:  The D'Agapeyeff Cipher and the Cave of Altamira.

Yes.  This box contained two Cave of Altamira cards.  What the heck Topps?!

Finally, my last two hits.

The first was one of the non-framed relics which don't interest me at all.  At least this one has a nice blue stripe so it's not totally boring.

The final hit of the case was much better - a Lindsey Vonn relic!

It's hard to go wrong when you get a card of a blonde skier.  What can I say, I like the blondes...

Overall, I'd say my case was pretty darn good.  It'll be great if Topps delivers on my missing rip card, there's a small chance I could make most, if not all, of my money back on the case!  If that happens, there's no way that I could say this rip was anything other than excellent!  I also have a boatload of Ginter available for trade - be sure to see if you have anything I need and hopefully we can work out a deal.


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