Saturday, August 10, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #2 - Box Topper & Packs 1 - 6

I opened the first box from my case and had moderate success, though nothing much to write home about*.

*and by write home about, I mean, sell on eBay.

Now, it's time to move on to the second box of the case.  There's still plenty of time for awesomeness, let's hope I get lucky!

Box Topper:

I think that Topps did away with the N43 cards this year, which quite honestly, is okay by me.  I think the N43s had gotten a bit stale.  In their place, Topps now issues these oversized boxloader cards.  Mine was Robinson Cano who looks like he's standing on shag carpet at a circus.  It's weird - and for sale/trade as I don't think I'll be collecting these (except for the Joey Votto card).

Pack 1:

A Nolan Ryan short print would be the highlight for most people (and it is a nice card), but my favorite was this card of "Scattered Disc."  I like learning new things - and I had not heard of these small icy bodies (which were only discovered 18 years ago)!

Pack 2:

Another pack, another short print - though this time it's a mini short print (which is much cooler don't you think)?  I might despise the Cardinals but I respect Ozzie Smith.

Pack 3:

Walk like an Egyptian!

Pack 4:

I'm not Catholic (but my wife is) so I know a bit about the Pope.  And, by a bit, I mean I've heard of him and I've been to the Vatican once.  I can't help but wonder if the religious zealots get mad at seeing a mini version of the Pope.

Pack 5:

Pack five was the best pack (so far) in the box - I got a Martial Mastery card of the Romans and this A&G Back mini of Mike Leake of the Reds.

Pack 6:

The first hit of the box!  (meh).  Kimbrel is a decent player but I still don't really like the non-framed relics.

Six packs down (and one underwhelming hit).  I'm still happy with the inserts, in fact, I'd say they are a big step up from last year's inserts.  I also like the oversized boxloaders better than the usual N43s.  Still, it'd be nice to get something that I could use to help recoup some of my investment costs (i.e. help me start saving towards next year's set)!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Ozzie. I hate the Cardinals, but have nothing against him. Same way with Lou Brock.

dayf said...

If you don't like the cabinet box toppers, save one for me. I'd like to get one eventually. Also I can probably find a fantastic cards with a bit or Red cloth in it in exchange for that very boring icky hit there.

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