Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #2 - Packs 7 - 12

Happy Sunday morning!  It's a happy day for me since it's going to be a day full of Allen & Ginter goodness (or what I hope will be goodness).  We are one quarter of the way through the second box of the case, let's keep rippin'!

Pack 7:

Pack 7 was probably the most boring pack I've opened from this year's Ginter.  So boring, in fact, that I had to scan a Yankee card.  Not cool.

Pack 8:

I guess the previous pack was just a crappy tease for this pack.  There was an Across the Years card of Dylan Bundy, a Famous Finds card of the Pilate Stone, and a hit of Roy Jones Jr.  This is the third framed card I've pulled from my case - and the third different color for a frame.  Weird...  So far, I have one baseball auto, one baseball relic, and one non-baseball relic - maybe each "type" gets its own color frame?  I guess I'll find out eventually.

Pack 9:

I like the Civilizations of Ages Past cards a lot - and that's good since they are fairly common (seeded 1:8 packs or three per box on average).

Pack 10:

I told you the Civilization cards were fairly common - here's another in back-to-back packs.

Pack 11:

This pack has a Codes, Ciphers, & Cryptographs card of the Zodiac Killer which was pretty cool.  However, I scanned the reverse of the Pele base card because it's printed with green ink (as opposed to the "standard" base card black ink on the other base cards (use Adam Richman as a comparison). this on purpose or a printing error?

Pack 12:

We end the first half of the box with another One Little Corner card - this time of the Moon (Earth's moon for those who are wondering).  I still love this set - can't wait to see it all complete and in my binder pages!


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