Monday, August 12, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #3 - Packs 9 - 16

It's time for the middle third of the third box of the case.  What goodies await?  Let's find out together, shall we?

Pack 9:

Pack 9 had an interesting pairing of cards.  One was a Martial Mastery card of the Vikings.  The other was a Peacemakers card of the Dalai Lama.  Somehow, this is my first Peacemakers card (and this being the third box that I've opened).  So many mini inserts - and at 1:5 packs combined odds, completing the sets will probably prove to be quite challenging this year.

Pack 10:

This pack was boring.  It was either scan the R.A. Dickey insert or a Jason Motte mini.  I couldn't bring myself to scan yet another Cardinals so you get Dickey.

Pack 11:

My only question:  Why is Uranus the butt of so many jokes?

Pack 12:

Allen & Ginter is known for a bunch of things...and I'm beginning to think "girl in red" is going to be another one...

Pack 13:

I almost scanned the Altuve mini just because he's an Astro (and Topps gives the Astros virtually no love whatsoever).  However, I too will give the 'stros no love - you get the Babylonians instead.

Pack 14:

Unlike some packs, this one was pretty good from start to finish.  There was a Tony Perez base card, a Codes mini card, and the autograph of Starling Marte.

Pack 15:

Another great pack - this one had a Palace card, a Martial Mastery card, and a beautiful base card of Death Valley.

Pack 16:

Another great baseball card...and it's actually of a baseball player!  You have to love any card of the kid - I know I do!


Chris said...

I like that R.A. Dickey card. I'm glad you scanned it, because I hadn't seen that one yet.

I wonder if NASA will ever send a probe to Uranus? Or even some ass-tronauts? I know, a manned mission to Uranus wouldn't be feasible, because Uranus is a gas giant.

I do like that Starling Marte auto, too. It's a good pull, and I still like blue ink autographs the best, especially on these light-colored cards.

roddster said...

Sweeeet Marte auto!

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