Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #4 - Boxtopper plus Packs 1 - 8

The case break is moving right along...we are up to box #4 already.  Let's begin with the box loader...

No surprise to me that I pulled a Dodger.  I seem to pull more Dodgers than any other team...luckily there is no shortage of Dodger collectors out there.

Pack 1:

Nothing much of note in pack #1.  There was another Dodger (Adrian Gonzalez base card)...

Pack 2:

This is a pretty fabulous short printed card of Robin Yount!

Pack 3:

I find the Codes, Ciphers, & Cryptographs cards quite interesting.  This one features the D'Agapeyeff Cipher that has yet to be cracked (with the original author claiming to have forgotten how to crack it himself).  Maybe it's just numbers after all.

Pack 4:

It took until box #4 before I was sure that I have pulled duplicate inserts.  This pack had another Peterhof Palace...a card that I pulled in a previous box.  Heck, I probably scanned it before so check my archives.

Pack 5:

Boy, box #4 sucks so far.  Another pack with nothing scan worthy...

Pack 6:

Pack 6 had a black bordered mini but I liked the card of the Knights better.

Pack 7:

The first hit of the box...and it's stupid Buster Posey.  I'll never forgive Posey for his grand slam against the Reds last year in the playoffs...  Ugh.

Pack 8:

We close out the first third of the box with a nice Heavy Hangs the Head card of Constantine.

Although I did get a couple of nice inserts, the first third of the box was underwhelming.  In fact, the case has been underwhelming so far...let's hope things pick up in a hurry!


Greg Zakwin said...

I'd love to deal for the Kemp!

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