Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #5 - First Half Highlights!

As you can probably tell between the previous post and this post's title, I'm getting too anxious to write up each and every pack.  I guess it's been the relatively slow start to the case, I'd feel better if I got something cool sooner rather than later...  I figured I'd rip the first half of the box and scan some of the highlights - you've all seen plenty of Ginter by now anyhow!

Packs 1 - 12:

The box topper was an R.A. Dickey oversized card.  These are kind of growing on me, though I don't know if they've grown on me enough for me to say that I'm actually going to collect them...Still plenty of boxes to go for me to change my mind I suppose.

The first half of the box yielded exactly one A&G back card (Kevin Harvick)...

...and a pair of black bordered cards.

I would say my black bordered cards were quite a bit better!

I got another two Heavy Hangs the Head cards (both of which I needed):

And a single The First Americans card.

That was it for mini inserts in the first half.

I also found two of the three promised hits.  The first was a Madison Bumgarner relic...yes, another Giant in this case.

The second hit was much, MUCH better - a 1/1 printing plate of Ryne Sandberg!

That's the best card of the case (by far)!  It might not pay for my case, but at least it's a start towards next year's case.  This one will almost assuredly go on eBay (if it isn't there already by the time this post goes live)!  I was feeling down about the case, but maybe this is a sign that things are about to pick up some.  I sure hope so - plus I still need to find my promised rip card!


Matt Pederson said...

Damn. Missed out on the Ryno. Fantastic pull, though.

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