Friday, August 16, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #9 - The First Half

At this point, I've already busted my entire case - but I had to spread the posts out over the span of the week.  Actually, let me reword that.  By the time you read this I will have opened my entire case - at the moment, however, I'm at the exact point where you are reading this.  Does that make sense?  Darn future.

Box Loader:

Another large cabinet card (which I prefer since I might chase this set).  It's still a crappy photo though - my biggest beef with the entire Cabinet insert set this year.

Packs 1 - 12:

To be honest, this box was a bit light one excitement.  The first half only yielded a pair of minis of note.  One was a Duke Snider black border mini that looks real sharp.

The other was another Heavy Hangs the Head - but this one is Napoleon, the one guy you'd definitely expect to see in a set like this.

The first half of the box also produced two of the three promised hits.  One was a rather dull Starlin Castro relic card...

The other was much better - a Roy Jones Jr. autograph!

I've actually done fairly well with the autographs in this case, even though I haven't found one of Pele yet.

All things considered, not bad thanks to the Jones Jr. autograph.  Without that though, this box half would have sucked.


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