Sunday, August 25, 2013

Community Gum Group Break: The Spoils (Part II)

Yesterday, I posted the first half of my recent group break haul from Community Gum.  Today, we take a look at the reason I joined the group break - namely, the chance to add to my Cincinnati Reds collection!

Just as with the Tigers, the Reds were from the '96 Fleer and the '95 Topps Finest boxes.  No hits for the Reds out of the Clubhouse Collection box (which made me a little sad).  Despite no major mojo (as the kids say), I still got a few neat additions for my personal collection.

We begin with the 1996 Fleer set - and my favorite base card acquisition:

I like the action shot (even if Fleer almost cut off Gant's elbow in the photo).  I love the lush ivy in the background.  Heck, I even like the fact you can tell he's fighting the sun in a classic Chicago day game.  Good stuff.

I didn't get any Barry Larkin cards out of the '96 Fleer box which was a bummer but I did get a single glossy parallel of Eddie Taubensee.

Just as with the Tigers haul, the glossy parallel is my favorite Reds card of the break.  However, I did get a few more that I liked out of the Topps Finest boxes, including a beautiful Jose Rijo card.

You can always use another card of Rijo - even if he isn't featured with a water gun here (as he seems to be in most Upper Deck photos).

And, last but certainly not least - my Barry Larkin haul.

Two cards - not much to speak of but hey, at least I got a couple...that was the big reason for joining the break after all!

Thanks for hosting the break Jon!  I look forward to your next break.

Oh yeah, one more things - Jon included a few of these Fleer "official game cards" from the Fleer box.

I, of course, had to scratch 'em just to see if I "won" anything...almost twenty years too late.

Needless to say, I didn't win.


Community Gum said...

I was sad for you that you struck out of the Clubhouse Collection. I wanted to hit it big for you as you have for me in the past. Hopefully next time! Glad you still enjoyed the break.

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