Friday, August 23, 2013

Gint-a-Cuffs V: "Hey Freshman, Welcome to College!"

At work, this week is the first busy week since final exams last spring.  Tuesday was our all campus meeting with the president (new president this year so plenty of changes are afoot).  Wednesday was training to be certified to teach a writing intensive course (not that we have many of those in the math department but you never know).  Thursday was a day to meet new faculty (and make copies of syllabi and other goodies for next week).  And today...well, today I have to don the 'ol robe and hat and welcome all the new freshman to campus during Freshman Convocation.  My only concern is that today isn't 85 degrees with high humidity...those black robes simply do not breathe well.  

While the freshman are arriving and anxiously awaiting the start of their collegiate careers, I figured I'd take a moment to open up another Gint-a-Cuffs pack before heading in to work.  I need to get to work before too long though or else I won't have a parking spot...

Total so far:  90 points

Pack 13:
63.  Jose Bautista
119.  Adam Richman  (-1 point for having a "tired shtick")

147.  Ian Desmond
217.  Pope Francis I  (+1 for being the pope)

285.  Jose Fernandez
345.  Melky Cabrera (+2 short print)

Black border mini:  292.  Yovani Gallardo  (+3 for being small and black bordered)

PS-GY.  Gyeongbokgung (+3 Palaces & Strongholds)

Pack total:  8 points
Running total:  98 points

That was a fairly decent pack.  I think I need to average about 10 points per pack to have any shot at Gint-a-Cuffs glory...unfortunately, I'm quite a bit short of that goal right now.  My current average is just under 7 points per pack.

Pack 14:
129.  Miguel Montero
155.  Austin Jackson
188.  Bill Buckner
214.  Alexei Ramirez
239.  Craig Kimbrel
288.  Chris Davis
ATY-JR.  Jim Rice (+2 Across the Years)

A&G back mini:  14.  Ben Revere (+2 points)

Pack total:  4 points
Running total:  102 points

There's a good thing I'm still missing my two hits because my per pack average is no good at all.  Maybe I'll get lucky with one of my missing hits...otherwise, you can close the book on my Gint-a-Cuffs experience this year.


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