Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gint-a-Cuffs V: The Next Pair of Packs

I opened the first two packs (plus the box topper) yesterday.  Let's rip the next pair of packs right now.  Heading into pack #3, my box is worth a total of 17 points.  Let's see if we can up the per-pack average a bit.

Pack 3:
106.  Mike Minor
148.  Justin Upton
211.  Jacoby Ellsbury
216.  Jered Weaver
232.  Andre Dawson
237.  Chris Sale
ATY-TL.  Tim Lincecum  (+2 Across the Years +2 Favorite player = +4 total)

Reg. mini:  338.  Marco Scutaro  (+3, short print mini)

Pack total:  7 points
Running total:  24 points

Considering the pack had no hit and only two scoring cards, I can't complain about getting seven points there.

Pack 4:
1.  Miguel Cabrera
47.  Robin Ventura
51.  Jason Kipnis
169.  Todd Frazier (+1, my favorite team!)

297.  Jeff Samardzija
341.  Ozzie Smith (+2 - short print)

MM-SP.  Spartans (+3 - Martial Mastery)

IM-ST.  Sun Tzu (+3 - Inquiring Minds)

Pack total:  9 points
Running total:  35 points

Getting a nine point pack without anything "great" in it seems like a good deal.  I'm not sure how my box stacks up against others at the moment but I'm feeling "ok" about things so far.  There's still a lot more packs lurking, stay tuned for more!


J. Meeks said...

I sent you an e-mail, but in case you didn't see it, I am interested in the Darvish relic. I have an Aroldis Chapman full size relic that I'm happy to part with, and I also have a Zack Cozrt auto'd mini that I am happy to put together a trade for.

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