Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gint-A-Cuffs V: Upping My Per-Pack-Average Quite Nicely!

Heading into packs #7 and 8, my box has scored a total of 52 points.  Let's try and up that total right now.

Pack 7:
13.  Adrian Gonzalez
56.  Whitey Ford (-1 Yankee stink)

145.  Harmon Killebrew
201.  Mike Moustakas
ATY-JV.  Joey Votto (+2 Across the Years, +4 my favorite player!)

POB-QT.  Quadracycle for Two (+5 People on Bicycles mini)

AGFR-UJ.  Ubaldo Jimenez (+10 points - Relic)

Pack total:  18 points
Running total:  70 points

Not a bad pack at all, even with a Yankee present.  I believe the Jimenez relic is worth 10 points but someone might correct me on that (since it's not framed).  I don't have any particular attachment to the Jimenez relic though so it is available for trade should someone else be interested in it.  The Quadracycle bicycle card is a case hit - and amazingly enough it's the second copy of that card that I've pulled (the first one I sold on eBay for a measly five bucks).  Case hits aren't worth what they used to be, are they?!

Pack 8:
30.  Bert Blyleven
78.  Carlos Santana
83.  Ted Williams
120.  Manny Machado
228.  Cecil Fielder
344.  Nolan Ryan (+2 Short Print)

CAP-BYZ.  Byzantine (+3 Civilizations of Ages Past)

A&G mini:  261.  Dwight Gooden (+2 points)

Pack total:  7 points
Running total:  77 points

My box is now on pace for about 215 points.  I believe that's a decent total based on the submitted scores so far.  Of course, I also have already found one of my three hits - plus a case hit in the bicycle card.  I highly doubt my pace is sustainable over the long haul, but it's fun for as long as it lasts!


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