Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Listia or Bad Listia?

As anyone who has used Listia knows, the website can be quite awesome.  For a few credits (no monetary value guaranteed), you can add to your collection.  Sometimes you can score some nice vintage cards, other times maybe you add to your LEGO collection.  Listia can also be great for tracking down random cards of your favorite player (such as this Barry Larkin).

On the flip side, Listia can also be frustrating. Sometimes people don't pay, other times they don't send what they are supposed.  And still other times they send their shipping address except it turns out to be a fake address (which makes no sense whatsoever).

Luckily, today's tale of "Good Listia or Bad Listia" falls firmly on the side of Good Listia...even if it was a bit slow.  It took about a week for the seller to say he shipped my card - and about a week and a half for me to actually receive it, but I'm happy to report it arrived (and it arrived safely which is also important)!


Yeah, another new addition for my rapidly growing Barry Larkin Collection.  This is a cool little insert with an acetate window (I wish Topps would experiment more with stuff like this - things like their Gallery of Hereos set from this year's Archives should be proof that collectors still like "weird" things on occasion).

I'll have a proper post when this card gets added to my collection - but that'll probably be awhile as I haven't been scanning Larkin cards lately...maybe I should get on that this weekend instead of doing school work and lessons.  Speaking of things you should do, check out this contest over at It's Like Having my Own Card Shop.  Even if you don't win, you are bound to learn something!


P-town Tom said...

Knock on wood, but I haven't had a bad Listia experience yet. Unfortunately, I ran into my first bad eBay experience last month. Ugh.

That's a sweet looking Larkin to find on Listia!

Chris said...

I haven't tried Listia. I've probably had about one bad experience for every year I've been on eBay, but most of those were able to be resolved through the dispute system. My personality type is one that hates conflict and confrontation. I used to have panic attacks when filing a dispute. I've got that mostly under control now, though.

AdamE said...

I picked up a Mo Vaughn Diamond Destiny just like that Larkin on Listia two weeks ago and haven't received t yet. Hopefully it is just slow like yours.

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