Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot Cards from Hot Corner Cards (A Top 10 List)!

Over the next week or so, I hope to get through the large stack of mail that's been piling up near my desk.  Since school started today, things should actually calm down a bit...the week before school starts is always the most hectic.  Anyhow, I know I have a bunch of emails waiting replies as well - I promise I'll get to them ASAP.  However, before I make any more trades, I need to sort through the various trades that have come in already.  One such trade was a big 'ol box of cards from Pat over at Hot Corner Cards.

Pat and I actually completed a pair of trades, but luckily neither of us posted the first trade on our respective blogs before the second trade was completed.  It makes for more interesting trade posts that way, now doesn't it?  Anyhow, you can read Pat's take on the swap here.

Pat sent me a bunch of awesome cards, but in the interest of trying to get through multiple trade packages this week, let's simply select my favorite ten from the trade and count 'em down (backwards of course).

2013 Archives:  
Tall Boy:
MT-GG. Gio Gonzalez

Pat sent me a great mix of assorted Reds (and Reds' hits as you'll see in a minute) and cards off my want list.  Since I appreciate both additions to my collection, you'll see a smattering of non-Reds in my Top 10.  After all, I'm a set collector first - nothing is more satisfying (in a baseball card sense) than finishing off a set that I've been working on!

2013 Gypsy Queen:
White border:
328.  Denard Span

The white border set is a parallel set that I decided to try and collect.  Any time I can inch closer, I'm happy!  I have to say, the white bordered parallels are simply gorgeous...I wonder why Topps doesn't make the regular base cards for Gypsy Queen like this - it would help to differentiate the set from the likes of Allen & Ginter (and to a lesser extent, Upper Deck's Goodwin).  You can start mailing me paychecks now Topps - I'm helping you out big time.

2011 Heritage Relic:
CCR-SR.  Scott Rolen

For all intensive purposes, Rolen may have been the key to the Reds' recent resurgence to prominence.  He was apparently a great leader in the clubhouse and on the field (though you can blame his error in the third game of the NLDS against the Giants as the breaking of the dam that caused the Reds to lose that series despite being up two games to none and playing at home).  No, I'm not bitter.

2013 Topps:
Emerald parallel:
161.  Bronson Arroyo

The Emerald parallels are quite pretty - probably even nicer than the diamond parallels from 2011 (a set that I'm still working on).  Arroyo is also one of my favorite current Reds so this card is extra nice.

1990 Topps:
404.  Craig Biggio

Oh sure, a 1990 Topps common probably wouldn't make anyone else's Top 10 list...let alone a '90 common of a freakin' Astro!  That said, this is one of the few remaining 1990 Topps cards that I needed - and that's reason enough for me to include the card in my Top 10!  Actually, Pat provided me the final four 1990 Topps cards that I needed for my set - which means I can finally knock a set completely off my want list!  *Happy dance!*

2013 Heritage:
CCR-DM.  Devin Mesoraco

I wasn't a huge fan of Devin last year, but he is beginning to grow on me (even if he still looks more like Golem than any person ought to).  Devin's had a pretty good year this year - and hopefully he'll continue to produce for the Reds in the years to come since he's part of the "young core."

2013 Topps:
CHR-BP.  Brandon Phillips

I told you this trade was awesome!  We are only at #4 on the list and there have already been a few different hits that could have been #1 on many other trade lists!  That said, this particular relic was a tough call - if it had been something besides boring white it probably would have placed even higher on this list since I love me some @datdudebp.

2013 Topps Archives:
Gallery of Heroes:
GH-BP.  Buster Posey

Sure, Posey provided the final dagger in the Reds' playoff chances with his grand slam last year - even so, I'll forgive him in this instance because the Gallery of Heroes cards are that good.  I absolutely love this insert set - and so must most of you since they've been extraordinarily rare in trades this year.

2004 Topps Fan Favorites:
86.  Ray Knight

If I ever have spending money for cards again (a big if after failing to break even on my Ginter case), I'd love to crack my own box of '04 Fan Favorites.  I think it's the card stock that really draws me to this set (as opposed to the more recent Topps Archives sets - though I am collecting those as well).

2013 Topps:
Manufactured Relic:
CP-25.  Joey Votto

Oh sure, a manupatch being number one on the list may be blasphemous to many - but for me this card is too awesome to ignore.  I love Votto - and I love the running man logo even more!  Combine the two on an affordable card and I'm sold.  Heck, even the colors of the background go well with the set - and there's a nice sized photo of Votto.  This is how a manupatch ought to be done!

Thanks for the awesome trade Pat!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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