Saturday, August 31, 2013

Makin' a Card Purchase from Part III

Over the past couple of days, I've slowly delved into a recent purchase from  As I mentioned before, this is a 40+ card purchase - all of which were from my want list.  It feels good to be able to knock some stuff off the 'ol list, lately all it seems that I've been doing is adding sets to the list.  Anytime I can shorten my want list I'm happy.

Today, we look at three more sets that I'm working on.  I didn't manage to totally complete any of the following sets, but I am inching closer (and in two of the three sets, I'm real close to finishing 'em off).

We begin with the undisputed worst of the three sets.

2009 Topps Town Gold:
Who collects this crap (besides me obviously)?

Yes.  I collected the Topps Town set and it's totally pointless parallel set.  Happily, I'm now within one card of having the gold parallel set complete (all I need is card #TTT29).  At that point, I can delete Topps Town from my want list and simply pretend it never happened.

Also, it's hilarious (to me) that two of the three remaining gold pointless parallels were of Astros.  There's some sort of universal poetry goin' on there.

2000 Topps Stadium Club:

Unlike the Topps Town set, I actually still like the Stadium Club set quite a bit.  I was able to land three more singles - nothing spectacular (unless you are a Braves fan I guess).

Finally, we end the post on a high note - a set that seems to be almost universally loved:

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces:

I needed five cards to finish off the '08 Masterpieces set.  Unfortunately, JustCommons didn't have all five, but they did have three of 'em.  I guess I'll take 60% for now.  For the record, here are the cards I still need:
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Wants:Base: #108, 115
As for the cards that I now own:

99.  Ken Griffey Jr.

This was a bit of a surprise to me that I still needed this one simply because I would have thought that I'd acquire this in one of the "bunch of random Reds" trades that I've done over the years.  After all, 2008 was a long time ago, I would have thought I'd have acquired this by accident if nothing else.  Since that didn't happen, it instead becomes my favorite card of the JustCommons purchase!

105.  Tom Seaver

The Griffey Jr. card gets top billing in my book, but I have to admit I like this card a lot as well.  Seaver pitched before my time so I didn't get to see him live but I still enjoy grabbing his cards when I can.  For some reason, he's on a mental list of players that I'll subconsciously collect.

118.  Bob Gibson

Well, not every card can be awesome.  Actually, I take that back.  Gibson is pretty cool even if he's a stupid Cardinal.  I hate buying cards of Cardinals almost as much as cards of Yankees...but even I can turn a blind eye when A) I need the card for a set and B) it's a freakin' legend like Bob Gibson.

As you can see from this post (plus the previous two), I managed to do quite well in terms of whittling down my want list.  However, you haven't seen all the cards yet - stay tuned for even more sets that I've managed to acquire cards for.


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