Friday, August 09, 2013

PWE Week: The Sixth (and final) PWE of the week!

It's the final PWE of the week (and thus, the end of the PWE Theme Week).  It's been a fun ride opening up a bunch of smaller trade envelopes - and as you've seen over the course of the week, good things can certainly come in small packages!  I'm also pleased to announce that I've agreed on a couple more PWE trades over the course of the week - perhaps I'll be able to host a third PWE Week sometime soon!

Enough jibber jabber though, let's rip open the final envelope of the week.  This one is courtesy of Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes.  Jeff sent me six different Reds cards out of the blue - here they are in a mini countdown!

#6.  Frank Williams

The 1989 Upper Deck set is beloved by many.  I certainly agree that the cards seem to be much higher quality than sets that Topps, Fleer, Score, or Donruss were putting out at the time - however, the one weakness of the '89 UD set is that the photos all seem so dark.  Not night time dark, just "crappy camera" dark.

#5.  Frank Pastore

What a goofy picture!  Of course, when a 1981 card shows up, I'm happy!  (Hey, don't judge, 1981 is older than me.)

#4.  Ron Gant

Did Gant fall asleep in the process of catching that pop fly?  If so, that's impressive (or scary).

#3.  Daniel Corcino

This is a 2012 Bowman (something) card.  That's the best that I can do since Bowman confuses me like no other set ever has.  As for the card itself, I like it - and it's shiny.

#2.  Harry Spilman

Spilman looks exceedingly concerned - like he "just fouled a pitch off and knocked the head off of a lady in the third row" concerned.  I hope no one was injured in the making (or photographing) of this baseball card.

#1.  Todd Frazier

I like Frazier a lot - even if he's struggled mightily at times during the 2013 season.  This card is even better because there's a great shot of the Reds' Mr. Red mascot on Frazier's sleeve.  Good stuff!

Thanks for the surprise cards Jeff!  You provided a perfect ending to PWE Week!  And now, you may all return to Allen & Ginter madness.  You are welcome.


JediJeff said...

I am surprised by the number of 81/82 Reds cards I pull out of those 100 pack rack pack repacks. It's either Reds or Giants. Weird.

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